Sunday, 25 April 2010

Why Do Adults Continue to Get Acne

Regardless of whether your teen years are in your rear-view mirror, or you're still in school, suffering from acne breakouts is a major downer.

It may not seem fair, but you're certainly not alone. Once considered only a "teenage concern," today acne is one of the most common skin condition affecting adults as well.

Acne is a complex problem with a number of possible causes. Culprits include hormonal shifts, cosmetics, pollution, changing birth control pills and stress.

Of all the possible triggers, stress may actually be one of the most significant, according to recent studies by Stanford University and the Wake Forest School of Medicine. This means that anxiety-inducing situations - a major test, a first date or an important job interview - could lead to breakouts. However, even day-to-day obligations can be stressful enough to cause regular flair ups.

But recent studies on a new acne ingredient may offer hope to millions of Americans suffering with acne. The ingredient, called iQ 101, is a retinoid-based complex that combines Vitamin A with exfoliating agents and sebum regulators.

To understand how iQ 101 works to clear up and prevent acne, it helps to understand what causes acne in the first place. Acne develops inside hair follicles when excess oils and dead skin combine to form a plug. This plug, called a comedo, traps oil beneath the skin's surface. As bacteria multiply and white blood cells flood into the follicle to fight infection, the comedo swells and becomes inflamed, forming a pimple.

iQ 101 is being hailed as a scientific breakthrough because it works on three levels to address all of the root causes of acne. Exfoliating agents work to clear pores; sebum regulators help to reduce surface oils; and Vitamin A works to reduce the presence of bacteria on the skin.

A California company recently secured the world-wide rights to use iQ 101 in its Clear Remedy acne system. Clear Remedy is a 3-step system that combines iQ 101 with other acne-fighting actives such as salicylic acid, plus skin-soothing antioxidants and moisturizing botanicals. It's a unique formulation designed to not only clear away acne, but also allow skin to heal comfortably.

Clinically proven to clear away acne without dryness or irritation

An independent Clinical Research Organization recently conducted a double-blind study to evaluate the effectiveness of Clear Remedy, and the results were impressive. Clear Remedy successfully healed 90% of blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes, and 9 out of 10 users saw results in as little as 3 days.

If you've tried other acne systems, you may have found that they can dry out or irritate your skin. The Clear Remedy system is specially formulated to clear up acne but also leave your skin feeling healthy and hydrated. In fact, in clinical testing, 100% of users said Clear Remedy completely eliminated their acne-related skin discomfort.

There's a lot of marketing hype around acne products lately, and the company apparently anticipated some skepticism from a public that has tried some of the celebrity systems and been let down by the results. For that reason, they are inviting customers to try the Clear Remedy System for free.

The company is so confident will heal acne in days that they are willing to make this unique free trial offer.

So, if your still in school or if your school days are over, you shouldn't have to worry about acne holding you back! If you want to stop embarrassing breakouts and finally get your acne under control, check out the Clear Remedy free trial.


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