Sunday, 25 April 2010

Jane Iredale: A Pioneer of Mineral Makeup

Achieving healthy skin isn't just about using the right face cream, it's about using the right makeup too. Many popular cosmetic brands are packed with ingredients that tend to clog pores, age the skin or even cause cancer. But mineral makeup is different.

Mineral makeup is a purer, gentler makeup made from the earth's natural minerals. These minerals are micro-pulverized into flat particles that can be layered on the skin for flawless coverage and rich color, and yet they still allow your skin to breathe and function as normal.

There are many mineral makeup lines available today, but one of the most trusted lines is Jane Iredale. The pioneer of mineral makeup, jane iredale has been beautifying and protecting women's skin for the past 15 years.

Why Mineral Makeup is Good for You

Known as the skin care makeup, jane iredale uses advanced mineral formulas to comfort your skin and enhance your best features. Its benefits include:

  • Non-comedogenic (won't clog pores)
  • Bacteria-proof minerals
  • No talc or parabens
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Broad-spectrum sun protection, up to SPF 30
  • Calms and soothes skin
  • Complete coverage for acne, rosacea or redness after chemical peels
  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animals

What Makes jane iredale Different

In addition to all the benefits above, jane iredale really stands out from the crowd because of its variety of products and shades, as well as its long-lasting coverage.

Its collection includes liquid and powder foundations in shades to match every skin tone, concealers to cover blemishes and dark circles, vibrant eye shadows and liners, clump-free mascaras, sparkling blushes and bronzers, lipsticks and lip glosses to perfect your pout and the finest brushes and tools for a professional application. All are available at


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