Sunday, 25 April 2010

How To Stop Worrying About Sunscreen

Despite all the warnings about the damage the sun can do to our skin, very few of us have made sun protection a part of our daily skin care routine. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, one-third of Americans have chosen to skip the sunscreen altogether.

Why the apathy? Well, for starters, we think we're too busy. It's one more step to our already busy lifestyles. But that's not all. Most sunscreens are messy and difficult to apply. Plus, they're usually greasy, sticky and leave a white residue.

However, there's a new sunscreen in town that's breaking all the stereotypes. It's a powder-that's right, a powder sunscreen. Created from micro-particles of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, this sunscreen acts as a physical block, reflecting and refracting the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

The Powder Sunscreen of Choice

The very first, and most popular, powder sunscreen is by Colorescience, a mineral makeup line started by Diane Ranger. Ranger, the creator of mineral makeup, founded Bare Escentuals in 1976, and opened the doors to healthy makeup.

Several years later, Ranger took her expertise and started a new mineral line, this one with the focus on convenience and sun protection in addition to beautiful coverage. Colorescience became famous for its powder sunscreens, as well as its retractable brush delivery system.

Although all of Colorescience products have some level of sunscreen included, its Sunforgettable line provides SPF 30 protection for the entire body. Available in several applicators, including a brush, puff, roller and shaker, this water-resistant sunscreen is quick and easy to apply and is incredibly lightweight on the skin.

The powders are available in clear formulas or tinted varieties, which provide the perfect amount of color and coverage. The Colorescience collection also features a wide selection of minerals cosmetics, including foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip color. Colorescience is available at


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